Pigeon is one of the most visited cities in Tennessee. In fact, its mountainous area is the very reason why tourists spend their time in this mountainous city. You can enjoy visiting water parks and their famous restaurants offering various native dishes of the villages. What you can find here as the most beautiful of the beautiful places are mountain gardens where you can see living nature. There are various animals to be seen on the zoo and birds flapping their wings that attracts tourists.

The sound of nature makes you fall in love with the city. Your journey here will never be tiring. The Smoky Moonshine is also a good place for relaxation. Pigeon Forge has one of the most enjoyable water parks, the Dollywood’s Splash Country Water. During summer, countless visitors play that sometimes all visitors are not accommodated. The Hollywood Wax Museum is where kids enjoy the most. They can see a lot of fantastic figures. This is one of the best and most visited museum in Tennessee.

It catches the attention of Hollywood fans since its establishment. I also  enjoyed going around the museum. The children’s parks are everywhere in the city. Roller coasters, rides, waters are all enjoyable. Children will surely enjoy these places. Pigeon Forge is an unforgettable tourist destination in Tennessee. Coming back here with my family enjoying the views of the city landscape, calmness, and its beauty is a wish. Numerous cities out there are overpopulated and over-polluted which makes me choose Pigeon Forge a better place to live in.